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A New Year’s Welcome from StittsvilleBA

A New Year’s Welcome from StittsvilleBA President, Andrea Greenhous.

I am thrilled to be acting President of the Stittsville Business Association until our Annual General Meeting in late January, when I hope to be formally elected.

Two years ago, I was asked by one of the founding members of the Stittsville Business Association to act as Vice-President. I knew that this was a great opportunity to get involved in my community and share my experience as a business owner so without hesitation, I said yes. Since then, I’ve worked closely with Wesley Smith and Allan Ryan who have both held the role of president and I’ve learned a few things from these two amazing community builders.

My vision for the Stittsville Business Association is inspired by the spirit of our community. As a resident of Stittsville for 21 years, I learned that we are a community that has a big heart and cares for each other.

My vision is this:

To create a community of business owners that work together to support each and build thriving businesses that are closely connected to the broader community.

To achieve this vision, I want to continue to focus the energy of our team on three key areas:

1. Shop and support local. Through our marketing and social media, our goal is to connect local consumers and business to business purchases with our members.

2. Build a supportive and strong business community. Running a business isn’t easy and that’s why creating a community that works together is important. From filling critical needs locally (accountants, suppliers, etc.) to learning and networking opportunities – building a strong local network is what being part of a local business association is all about.

3. Advocacy. We’ve learned during the pandemic that decisions made by governments at every level have a significant impact on our success. We’ll continue to work closely with municipal, provincial, and federal leaders directly and through the Ottawa Board of Trade where we are lending our voice to the broader business community. This includes contributing our voice to things like the revitalization of Main Street being led by our municipal councillor, Glen Gower.

We need you now, more than ever

We can’t achieve these goals without your help. What we need most is active and involved members. We need more leaders, more volunteers, we need participants at our events, we need you to recruit other members. With your help, we can do great things.

Watch for my monthly emails

I’ll be sending out regular updates on the first day of every month to keep you informed of what my team and I are working on and to share news and updates more broadly. I know that as a business owner you are busy and may even struggle like I do to read every email that appears in your in-box. However, open communication is important to building a great organization and I hope that you will take the time to read these emails. I’d love to hear any questions, concerns, ideas, or suggestions.

About me

I’ve been a business owner and entrepreneur for 21 years. My company, Vision2Voice Internal Communications helps companies build meaningful employee experiences in a complex, uncertain and ever-changing world. We have clients across Canada and the United States including several Fortune 500 companies and a large US construction company. We also serve smaller organizations with workshops designed to build more innovative, productive, and safe workplaces.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you in 2022.