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The mission of the Stittsville Business Association is to foster a thriving business community in Stittsville. We aim to connect, support, and promote businesses and professionals of all sizes and sectors, providing them with the resources and opportunities needed to succeed.

Our mandate is to serve as a membership-based organization dedicated to enhancing the visibility, networking opportunities, and collective voice of businesses and professionals operating within Stittsville. Our mandate is to create a vibrant and supportive ecosystem where member businesses can grow, collaborate, and contribute to the local economy.

Latest News

2024 Annual General Meeting Recap

The Stittsville Business Association Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday March 19, 2024 at Napoli’s Café and was kindly sponsored by Tailored Home Improvements.  The annual general meeting is a yearly gathering of the association members where leaders present an annual report including a summary of the work that has been accomplished, presentation of financial statements, and strategies and plans for the future. This year’s event was organized by […]

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Business Brilliance: Chatting Community Engagement with SBA Vice President and BMO Business Banker Abbie Sizer McIntosh

Abbie Sizer McIntosh is an experienced banker with a notable background in community engagement and volunteerism. With a passion for fostering connections and supporting local initiatives, Abbie has dedicated significant time to various organizations, including the Women’s Business Network, the Stittsville Business Association, Stittsville Cooperative Nursery School, as well as various other community and academic volunteer pursuits. From 2017 to 2020, she served as a Director of BMO’s LGBTQ Employee […]

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Unveiling Insights: Stittsville Business Association 2023 Membership Survey Results

In our ongoing commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of our vibrant community, the Stittsville Business Association (SBA) recently conducted a membership survey. We are thrilled to share the insights gained from the responses of our dedicated members. This feedback is invaluable in shaping the direction of our association and enhancing the experience for all. Demographics: Business Owners: 89% Professionals: 11% Motivations for Joining SBA: 77% to be a […]

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