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Candice Hoover – Cooperators

May 16th, 2024

I specialize in Commercial/Business Insurance. I work primarily from home at 7 Cloverloft Crt in Stittsville. My office location is 11-355 Franktown Rd, Carleton Place, ON, K7C4M6. Our office offers all insurance: home/auto/tenant/condo/commercial/commercial auto/life/wealth/group benefits.

OneFish Creative

April 11th, 2024

I aim to connect with local business owners, offering support and guidance on integrating graphic design into their marketing strategies. My goal is to empower them to handle some design tasks independently until they’re ready to invest in professional services. Additionally, I’m keen to establish connections within their networks to expand my reach and foster mutually beneficial relationships. Let’s collaborate to enhance your brand’s visual presence and achieve your business […]

SiLK Web Solutions

January 16th, 2024

SiLK Web Solutions is an established web design company. Our approach is to create designs that are clean, clear, and easy to navigate, capturing the essence and ethos of your business. Our commitment lies in creating and sustaining professional, high-impact websites for businesses, surpassing their intended goals and maximizing return on investment. Spin Your Web With SiLK!

Sani-Sol Sanitation Solutions

August 24th, 2022

Sani-Sol is a distributor of commercial cleaning products, equipment, food service items, safety products, as well as Pool, Spa supplies and janitorial supplies in Ontario. Order Now or Call us On 613 831 3698 for your requirement.