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About Us

About the StittsvilleBA

In all great small-towns businesses support their communities and communities support their businesses. Stittsville residents are all passionate about this great place and maintaining it’s rich heritage. A lot of that has to do with the fantastic businesses that exist here. Did you know there are over 400 businesses in Stittsville? Probably not. That’s why we need to act now! A courageous group of business owners is stepping up and taking the lead on an initiative that will highlight all the great businesses Stittsville has to offer.

The Stittsville Business Association (SBA) has been created to help businesses thrive. It’s a membership based association where any business that operates within the electoral boundaries of Stittsville can join. It will be a diverse group made up of small businesses, large businesses, business for self and home based businesses.

Our mandate is to return value to our members. This can be done in so many ways however in our first year of operation we’re focusing on building our membership base. Therefore we will have a dual focus of providing immediate value added for our members while simultaneously building our bigger plans for the future.

In year one we plan on spending much of our time speaking with business owners and educating them on what it is we’re trying to accomplish and also how it can help their business.

Our three key focuses at the onset will be:

  1. Enhanced visibility for businesses – this will initially be done through social media pages owned by the SBA and a website that will be developed acting as a directory for members. Both of these will be platforms for us to amplify your reach and continually showcase the wonderful member businesses. We have strategies built around this that you can learn more about.
  2. Business to business networking (B2B) – we plan to hold another 4 networking events this year after this one to encourage businesses to discover what’s in our own backyard. There are countless examples of businesses using services outside of Stittsville simply because they did not know the same service existed in Stittsville or hadn’t created the relationship. As business owners we can get to know one another and support each other by shopping local.
  3. Listen and Learn – Listening to members and what they would like to see the association do in the years to come from which we will start to build action plans with timelines for some of these bigger scope projects.